Telnet Console Observability

A full telnet console is available for online operations of libmtev applications. To enable the telnet console, add something like the following to your configuration. Note that "bad things" can be done via the telnet console, so restricting access makes good sense.

   <consoles type="mtev_console">
      <listener address="" port="32322">

The telnet console support tab completion, so navigating and exploring the possibilities can be an interactive experience.


app# show log internal
[1] Hello world.

app# show log internal 100
[1] Hello world.

app# log details debug/eventer
{ "name": "debug\/eventer",
  "enabled": false,
  "debugging": false,
  "timestamps": false,
  "facility": false,
  "outlets": [ { "name": "debug",
                 "outlets": [ { "name": "stderr" } ] } ] }

app# log notice Hello from the console


show log <logname> [# lines]

Show the last requested number lines (23 if omitted) of <logname> if it is a "memory" type log.

log details <logname>

Show the details of the the <logname> log stream, including outlets.

log to <logname> <something to log>

Cause a <something to log> to be immediately logged to the specified log.

log [dis]connect <logname> [tgtlogname]

Connect or disconnect <tgtlogname> as an outlets for <logname>. If <tgtlogname> is omitted, the attached console is used.

[no] log <enable|facility|debug|timestamps> <logname>

Sets (or unsets) flags on the specified log.

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