This section of the manual will discuss the ins and outs of building applications using the libmtev APIs. There are many APIs in the system that can be used in an isolated fashion but they are built atop each other.

Most parts of the system rely heavily on the facilities provided in utils/. The eventer/ takes care not to require the configuration API directly. Most other APIs in the system have intricate interdependencies. Unless your use-cases for libmtev are very sophisticated, you need not worry about these subtleties and can simple use the APIs you need when you need them.

Many subsystems require explicit initialization before they are used and some subsystem initializations require prior initialization of dependent subsystems. This can cause a bit of boilerplate in your startup sequence which will seem unnecessary at first, but when your application becomes sufficiently complex you will appreciate it dearly.

For development reference purposes, libmtev source code contains a functional example application that does very little but can be used as a template for new applications.

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