The http_hmac_cookie provides a safe way to persent authentication information in http sessions.

  • loader: C
  • image:

Module Configuration

  • key (optional)

    allowed: /^.+$/

    A hex encoded key, if none is specified a random key will be generated.

  • max_age (optional) [default: 86400]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The number of seconds the cookie will be valid for (default 1 day).

  • domain (optional)

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The "Domain" for Set-Cookie. If not specified, it will use the subdomain of the Host header if the Host header is at least three units deep. (e.g. will not do anything, will set

  • user_(\S+) (option)

    allowed: /^.*$/

    A user and password allowed. This should be used for testing only.


Loading the http_hmac_cookie module.

          <generic image="http_hmac_cookie" name="http_hmac_cookie"/>

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