The lua_web module allows lua to drive http requests.

  • loader: C
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Module Configuration

  • directory (optional) [default: /install/prefix/libexec/mtev/lua/?.lua]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    This is the lua load path. See the lua manual for more details on meaning and syntax.

  • cpath (optional)

    allowed: /^.+$/

    This is the lua DSO load path. See the lua manual for more details on meaning and syntax.

  • dev_mode (optional) [default: false]

    allowed: /^(?:true|false)$/

    If true, instructs lua_web to use a fresh state for each request.

  • dispatch (required)

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The lua module to load.

  • loop_assign_(.*) (optional)

    allowed: /^(.+)$/

    Optionally assigned a mount_[name] to a given eventer_pool_t. The name must match a mount_[name] stanza. The value is the name of the eventer loop pool desired.

  • mount_(.*) (optional)

    allowed: /^([^:]+):([^:]+):([^:]+)(?::(.+))?$/

    module:method:mount[:expr]. The name mount_[name] simply must be unique and thus allows for multiple separate lua web services to be mounted in a single instance. Module is the name of the lua module the system will require, the function named "handler" will be called. Method is the HTTP method to serve (e.g. GET). The mount is the uri "directory" that will be handled by this mount_[name] stanza. Expr is a PCRE that further restricts the URIs handled.

  • gc_full (optional) [default: 1000]

    allowed: /^^(?:0|[1-9]\d*)$$/

    Specify how many yield/resume iterations may happen before a full garbage collection cycle is performed (0 means never).

  • gc_step (optional) [default: 0]

    allowed: /^^(?:0|[1-9]\d*)$$/

    Specify the parameter to normal lua_gc LUA_GCSTEP calls.

  • gc_stepmul (optional) [default: 1]

    allowed: /^^(?:[1-9]\d*)$$/

    Set the lua gc step multiplier.

  • gc_pause (optional) [default: 200]

    allowed: /^^(?:[1-9]\d*)$$/

    Set the lua gc pause percentage.

  • interrupt_mode (optional) [default: errors]

    allowed: /^(?:error|preempt)$/

    Specify the behavior of asynchronous VM interrupts.

  • interrupt_time (optional)

    allowed: /^^\d+(?:\.\d+)?$$/

    Specify the maximum time a lua operation may execute in a single eventer callback.


Loading the lua web module connection webmodule to the http services.

          <module image="lua_mtev" name="lua_web">

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