The zipkin_fq module publishes Zipkin traces via Fq.

  • loader: C
  • image:

Module Configuration

  • host (optional) [default:]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The Fq host.

  • port (optional) [default: 8765]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The Fq port.

  • user (optional) [default: mtev]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The Fq user.

  • pass (optional) [default: mtev]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The Fq pass.

  • exchange (optional) [default: logging]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The Fq exchange.

  • route_prefix (optional) [default: scribe.zipkin.]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The routing prefix to which the traceid is appended.


Loading the zipkin_fq module.

          <generic image="zipkin_fq" name="zipkin_fq"/>

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