The zipkin_jaeger module publishes Zipkin traces to Jaeger.

  • loader: C
  • image:

Module Configuration

  • host (optional) [default:]

    allowed: /^.+$/

    The jaeger collector host.

  • port (optional) [default: 9411]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The jaeger collector port.

  • period (optional) [default: 500]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The submission frequency in ms.

  • max_batch (optional) [default: 500]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The submission max batch size.

  • backlog (optional) [default: 5000]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The max backlog before spans are dropped.

  • retries (optional) [default: 0]

    allowed: /^\d+$/

    The number of HTTP retries upon failure..


Loading the zipkin_jaeger module.

          <generic image="zipkin_jaeger" name="zipkin_jaeger"/>

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