A service registration and config integration for Consul agent.

  • loader: C
  • image:

Module Configuration

  • boot_state (optional) [default: passsing]

    allowed: /^(?:passing|warning|critical)$/

    Set the initial state of service registration.

  • kv_prefix (optional)

    allowed: /^.*$/

    Set an option directory prefix for loading keys from consul's KV store.

  • bearer_token (optional)

    allowed: /^.*$/

    Set a bearer token for interactions with consul (to satisfy Consul ACLs).


Loading the http_observer module.

          <generic image="consul" name="consul"/>
            <myservice id="{app}-{node}" port="12123">
              <check deregister_after="10m" interval="5s" HTTP="/url"/>
              <weights passing="10" warning="1"/>

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